We are proud to offer the finest and most current orthodontic care available. We love seeing new patients and we enjoy the excitement they bring to our practice.

Practice Philosophy
Our practice philosophy is directed towards obtaining the highest quality, longest lasting results possible. This includes the ideal fit and function.

Treatment is started when your child is truly ready. The appliance or procedure is individually selected for each patient’s need. Some children require early treatment including several different phases of therapy. Others are best treated by waiting until all permanent teeth are erupted. At the initial visit if your child is not yet ready for
treatment then they will be placed into our recall program until the ideal treatment time takes place.

About Our Staff

Meet our friendly staff here

Our greatest asset is our team. We often receive compliments about our staff and their commitment to quality patient care. We are a team that is highly experienced and committed to your care.

· Based upon individual needs and diagnostic findings, Dr. Muhamad Subra develops a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

· Dr. Muhamad Subra has invested considerable amount of time in developing a network of care providers to coordinate all required care, i.e. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontal Care, Restorative Dentistry, paediatric ENT and family dentists and physicians.

Highest quality materials

The quality of the braces, wires and removable appliances used may differ, just like the difference in quality available in the various household items that you purchase. We use only the highest quality of orthodontic materials in order to provide and serve you with the very best treatment. Heat activated wires are now available with the ability to reactivate itself whenever a patient rinses or drinks warm liquid. This means the teeth move more efficiently with fewer appointments and more convenience to our patients. The treatment time is reduced dramatically with the use of these advanced wires