Dr Muhamad Subra Abdullah
Consultant Orthodontist

PhD.(B’ham), M.Ortho.RCS (Edin), D.Ortho.RCS (Eng),
M.Dent.SC (B’ham), BDS (Mys)

Dr Muhamad Subra completed his professional orthodontic training at the Birmingham Dental School, Birmingham England in 1994, and at the same time he served as Orthodontics registrar from 1991-1994.

For the past decade he has worked exclusively and extensively with pre-adjusted appliances system.He has published and presented various scientific articles in international journals and conferences.

He is also a part time lecturer for post-graduate orthodontic students at the University of Malaya.

Effect of Four Variables On the Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets.W.P. ROCK and M.S.B. Abdullah (School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham UK) British Journal of Orthodontics

Effect of Etch and Debond Times On Orthodontic Brackets Bond.
M.S.B ABDULLAH and W.P. ROCK (University of Birmingham, U.K.)
British Journal of Orthodontics

The Effect of Etch Time and Debond Interval Upon The Shear Bond Strength of Metallic Orthodontic Brackets.
M.S.B ABDULLAH and W.P. ROCK (University of Birmingham, U.K.)
British Journal of Orthodontics

The Provision of Orthodontic Treatment for 12-Year Old Children in Peninsular
Muhamad Subra bin Abdullah (School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham, UK)


Dato’ Dr David V.Gunaratnam DPMT, PJK
Consultant Orthodontist

D.Ortho.RCS (Eng), FDSRCS (Eng)
BDS (Singapore)

Dato’ Dr David qualified as an orthodontist in the year of 1972 from The Royal College
of Surgeons,London. He is also the first Malaysian to open private practice in Kuala Lumpur for orthodontics only.Currently he is serving as clinical advisor for orthodontics at our practice.

Dr Kathiravan Purmal

M.Ortho.RCS (Edin), M.Ortho (Malaya),
DGDP(UK), BDS (Malaya),

Dr Kathiravan graduated in 1993 from the University of Malaya. He is among the first locally
trained orthodontist in Malaysia with recognition from College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. He
has been in private practice for twelve years.