The primary purpose of the initial consultation is to establish desired treatment goals. It is important for Dr. Muhamad Subra to thoroughly understand your reasons for seeking orthodontic care, along with your expectations in treatment results. It is equally important that the diagnosis is based on the assessed long term health of your teeth and jaw joints. Ultimately, with all the factors considered, it is always the patient's decision as to the extent of recommended treatment desired.

During consultation, he will provide information regarding your orthodontic needs and approximate treatment duration. He may inform you should other treatment is required prior to orthodontics.

Your first visit also provides you an opportunity to visit our office and establish a level of comfort with Dr Muhamad Subra and his associates.

Orthodontic Diagnosis

The diagnosis is the most important part of the orthodontic treatment. A faulty diagnosis leads to extended treatment time and unstable results.

A complete diagnosis requires a careful consideration of the information gained from the following items:

Dental and medical History
Clinical Exam and pre-consultation
Diagnostic records, including x-rays, photographs and models of the teeth Consultation We invite you to visit the rest of our website for more information about treatment methods and how you can contact us for a free clinical pre-consultation.